Health Care for Low Income Texans

Health Care for Low Income Texans

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 Celia I. Kaye, MD, PhD ( LWVCollinCounty) Issue Chair 

Coalitions & Resources

  • Texas Tribune; Trib + Health  Trib+Health is a newsletter published every two weeks by The Texas Tribune and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Trib+Health includes the top news, events, research, data and other features on health care in Texas, as well as relevant issues across the region and nation.
  • Cover Texas Now  Cover Texas Now is a coalition of consumer and faith-based organizations that desire to see the state of Texas implement a sustainable health care system and provide quality affordable health coverage to its citizens. Learn more about what the problem is in Texas, solutions to the problem, which agencies are involved, and how to get involved!
  • My Texas, My Health  A statewide program created by the Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC) to inform Texans about their various health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act through the use of Certified Application Counselors.
  • Disability Rights Texas is the federally designated legal protection and advocacy agency (P&A) for people with disabilities in Texas. Our mission is to help people with disabilities understand and exercise their rights under the law, ensuring their full and equal participation in society.
  • Texas Forward  We're a coalition of organizations that believes Texans deserve strong, safe, and healthy communities, and the opportunity to realize their full potential.
  • Texas Impact  Texas Impact is a statewide religious grassroots network whose members include individuals, congregations, and governing bodies of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. Texas Impact exists to advance state public policies that are consistent with universally held social principles of the Abrahamic traditions.
  • Robert Wood Johnson; Texas County Health Rankings and Road Maps  Find out how healthy your county is and explore factors that drive your health.
  • Health Status of Texas 2014 The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)  vision statement is A Healthy Texas; its mission is to improve the health and well-being of Texans. DSHS publishes a comprehensive review of the health status of the state.
  • Doctors for Change Doctors for Change became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2007 and now serves as an educational resource and as a forum through which health care providers and others in the community can advocate for better health care in Houston/Harris County.

LWVUS Position

"Support programs and policies that will ensure availability of a basic level of quality health care at an affordable cost to all U.S. residents, equitable distribution of services, efficient and economical delivery of care, advancement of medical research and technology, and a reasonable total national expenditure level for health care."