Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Vision

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Vision

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

 We will Build a League that:

  • Embraces and embodies diversity, equity, and inclusion as inextricable from the mission to empower voters and defend democracy
  • Engages in purposeful action to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond words
  • Commits at the individual and collective level to being more self-aware and understanding of diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Is known for being relevant, diverse, equitable, and inclusive – inside and out

We will Model Who We Aim to Be by:

  • Living the mission and values
  • Paying attention to language
  • Using images that reflect and promote the DEI vision
  • Building relationships across differences
  • Using skills and practices from DEI training for the continued growth of our League

We will Promote Individual Learning by:

  • Deepening self-awareness
  • Recognizing bias
  • Asking curious questions of others
  • Sitting with discomfort
  • Checking our own individual assumptions and “truths”

We will Align the Organization:

  • By authorizing commitment through policy changes
  • Gathering data to establish a baseline for our League’s DEI work
If you are interested in participating in our DEI work, please contact:
Michelle Byrne BSN, PhD

mbyrne [at] westga.edu

404-281-6449 cell